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Group Chat with a Toolbox

Tap is private chat, hangouts and teamwork in one app. Share stuff, make plans and save things for later — Join the waitlist today.

Chat. Chill. Collab.

Tap is group chat with a toolbox.

It’s a fun way to hang out with your friends, get ready for a trip, keep family stuff in one place, and make important things easy to find.

Starting a project? Getting the band together? Study group? Tap helps you get organized and make it happen.

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Tap is…


Spaces in Tap are simple group chats for friends and family. Share files, photos and links from anywhere.
Add tools to make things easy: Plan a trip, check your shopping list, get things going.

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Tap is great for your own day-to-day, too. Save links, text, screenshots, photos and files to your personal Space, from any app or website. Keep it close, find it fast.

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Most projects don’t need an app. And most teams just need a wall with a pinboard. Tap is that sweet spot: One link brings everyone together in a shared space, regardless of app, device or inbox.

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